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East Facing Simple House is a home plan that has the best layout in terms of modern living that is one of the main features which sets it apart from other modern home plans. This plan was conceptualized by architects Prabhupada and Jayanthi Naidu, who are two well-known names in India.

The plan was first launched back in 1993 and it has since then gone through some major changes. Most importantly, all the changes have come about because the need of the hour is to move towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle and this is where the latest concepts of home building and modern lifestyle have been brought into use.

This latest concept is unique in the sense that it has a very unique architectural design, which is different from the many other such plans out there in the market.When it comes to a house, no matter what type it is and where it is supposed to be located, there is one thing for sure; it should be environment friendly and a unique plan is exactly what this plan does.

It has a unique plan, which is not found anywhere else and is therefore, a plan that people should pay more attention to. One should really pay attention to such houses which have an east facing design.

Most of the modern homes today have an east facing simple plan and they are very much aware of the fact that this simple plan will help them to create a very green environment and save a lot of trees and hence, make the surroundings very modern and beautiful one.

The best part about the east facing simple house plan is that it uses the most modern concept of architecture when it comes to the house itself and also, when it comes to its facade. This unique home plan has all the modern amenities that would be required by a modern home owner and this makes it very popular.

All the modern amenities are present in this unique home plan like swimming pool, gymnasium, library, dining space and many other important ones. It is very modern and one can see that the care taken by the architect while constructing this unique home plan was to ensure maximum utilization of space available. It looks very elegant and also, a place where you can relax or spend some quality time with your family.

house map design for 150 square yard

east facing simple house plan
30*40 ft
1200 sqft

east facing simple house plan with parking and shop   in budget construction


house design details

30*40 ft

Plot Size


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