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Double Story Home Designs

  1. Double story home designs are a popular choice for families looking for extra space and luxury.
  2. Our 2 story plans offer a modern and stylish take on the Indian style, with a unique combination of wooden tiles, crème and brown hues, and a touch of flower design in the stair section.
  3. Each 4 bedroom plan features a spacious balcony, perfect for enjoying the beautiful views and fresh air.
  4. The use of CNC technology in the design and construction of the home adds a modern and sophisticated touch, while the 3D pictures provide a glimpse into the luxury and comfort that awaits you.
  5. Whether you’re looking for a dream home or a beautiful space for your family, our double story home designs are sure to exceed your expectations.

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double story home design images

double story home design images

 31×45 ft 1395 sqft double story home design images with parking and cream color tiles.   


plot size


no. of floor





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top Double Story Home Designs 2023

Double story home design images are a great way to show off your beautiful and creative home. Double story homes are a new breed of homes that have two floors. These homes are perfect for people who have children or those who work from home.Double Story Home Design is also known as Calavera Pluralcalaveras Spanish for a skull-shaped house. This kind of design is actually based on the Spanish skull shape which has a very unique form that looks like a skull with two holes on its side. Double story home design is designed so that you have an attic and a basement which are the heart of any home.


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