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traditional house elevation

The traditional house elevation is one of the most common home elevations. This is the first part of the home. The first part of the home is considered to be the entryway. It shows you an open front view of the property.

It’s also known as the first floor elevation, which shows front sided house features like front doors, windows, porches and anything else that protrude from the property, including side porches, chimneys or steps. The first floor elevation is the main view of your property from the street. It can be viewed from anywhere.

The second floor of your property is called the attic. It’s the part of your property that has the roof, walls and floors. It’s also the part of your property that can’t be seen from the road. The attic elevation is what people see when they get into your house from the street.

The third floor of your property is called the basement. It’s the part of your property that is sunken and that has walls and floors. You can only see this part from the ground, but that doesn’t mean it has no view from above.

The fourteenth floor of your property is the house loft. This is the highest floor of your property. You can’t see this floor from above. It’s located under the house and is above the first floor of your property. This is the part of your property that has no doors or windows and has walls and floors.

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traditional house elevation

traditional house elevation
39*80 ft
3120 sqft

traditional house elevation  design with car parking and cream color tiles in budget construction   


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traditional house elevation

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