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Single floor elevation images

Best Single floor elevation images

The single floor elevation images in a house can be used to make an important decision about the floor plan of a property. In case, you are looking for homes for sale in Kerala then it is obvious that your primary concern would be to buy a home that has got an excellent and a superb elevation. It is not always possible to assess the single floor of a house at a quick glance.

The elevation of a floor depends upon many things. For instance, if the land slopes down hill towards the house and if the elevation of the hill is less than 30 degrees then there is every chance that the elevation of the floor of the house will be less than the slab floor.

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single floor elevation images

single floor elevation images 28*52 ft 1456 sqft

single floor elevation images orange and white color with glass section and parking in budget construction   


plot size


no. of floor





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Single floor elevation images

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