North Facing House Vastu Plan

As already mentioned before regarding the North Facing House Vastu Plan, North facing is considered very promising in Vastu Shastras; therefore, according to north facing house Vastu, you could always put the first entrance in any area in the North; it will never hurt you in case of any situation.


Besides, there are nine Padas or enterprises in Northside of a house having varied favorability; these are: Primary entrance, Middle entrance, Back door, Front door, East entrance, West entrance, South wall and South pillar. With this, as I explained above that North facing has different favorability, so according to these arrangements, you could always go for whatever arrangement you want.



Now about the structure of North facing property, it has three important directions, namely: North facing on one of the sides, South facing on one of the sides and South-west on one of the sides. These arrangements have their own significance, and one of them is that of the primary entrance, which is on the foremost level of the house.

On the other levels, you will find that the staircase arrangements will be more or less the same, with slight variation with respect to their width. However, the main difference between the primary and the other levels is that the primary staircase is wider than the others.


North Facing House Vastu Plan

The main purpose of the wide staircase is not only to give you easy access to the children but also to give you an opportunity to get a good view of the entire house. Therefore, if you want to give a wide view of your house, then it will be better to build a wide staircase.

Then, there will be two types of arrangement for the rest of the house, which are: North-west and North-east. On the northern side of the house, you will find that a vastu plan, with a door facing northeast, will be better.

On the other hand, a door facing northwest will be more suitable for your house if you live in a place with no septic tank in front of your house, as then you will not need to open the door when you wish to enter the house. On the other hand, if you live in a place where a septic tank is available on the first floor, then it will be better for you to build a door facing northwest so that you can easily access the septic tank.

north facing house vastu plan

north facing house vastu plan
855 sqft

north facing house vastu plan with parking single story plan   in budget construction


house design details

19*45 ft

Plot Size


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