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House designs a vast majority of people do not take much interest in designing their house. The reason is either they are not aware of the features of designing house or they do not know how. But if you really want to enjoy the benefits of house designs then you need to be serious and give it more effort. You should start with the basics of requirement like no of floor s and no of bedroom toilet etc

 then as you progress you can increase the complexity of the designs. Our websites that will guide you in getting best house designs in India.

My house map will give you a correct and complete design for designing your house. you can easily get you the right design that suits your lifestyle and budget. In case you are interested in creating your own plan then there are many things you need to keep in mind. A person should always keep his budget and requirements in mind before taking a house design.


House designs is not a single word its include various services which are very essential to build a home

 basic house design services are t first one is house plan second one is house front elevation design third one is 3d floor plan and fourth one is room interior design get best budget house design 


house designs Beside 4 these services there are lots of other services are also important like structural design, door window design, electrical plumbing etc

In House design word first word is house we all know what house mean and second word is design that means designing a house with expertise

These are the key benefits of designing a house

  1. Its provide better space management because a professional knows how to utilize the available space better
  1. Its saves the cost like when you design a house you plan everything in beginning and then you start the construction so basically all the changes done on paper so it doesn’t affect the construction cost so it saves money
  1. A well design house execution saves time as we all know every work requires a perfect plan to get best results through house design services we can control the time require to do it
  1. Gives a elegant look to house, house design services gives you a power to make your house look beautiful and luxuries in general budget

What We Do

house plan

front elevation

3d floor plan

interior design

house elevation design

house plan design

3d elevation design

customize front elevation

get best customize house front elevation design for your home share your floor plan and side pics for rates


house map price depends on plot size and numbers of floor

Ground floor plan

4000 starts from
  • floor plan with door window
  • 3 time changes possible
  • as per vastu

duplex plan

5000 starts from
  • floor plan with door window
  • 3 time changes possible
  • as per vastu

triple story plan

6000 starts from
  • floor plan with door window
  • 3 time changes possible
  • as per vastu


Basic plan

5000 starts from
  • 2 option of elevation
  • one time change in final elevation
  • 2d elevation

Advance plan

9000 starts from
  • 4 option of elevation
  • one time change in final elevation
  • 2d elevation

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Reliable firm got house design services in 2012 and came back in 2019 same enthusiasm same energy best house design services available online thanks my house map 

satya narayan

I always wanted a beautiful home and also worried about it but my house map designed my ideas in reality. superb services.  thanks for support my house map

vishnu verma is providing online house design services since 2009 and completed 30000+ projects across India and overseas we have very experience team with us so you will get best house design services

process of taking services is very easy

you can choose any design from our ready made house design and you can customize it.

you can go for a complete new house design as per your plot size and requirement.

you can pay trough credit card debit card, net banking, mobile banking and other upi payments through our website  

every service require a certain time to complete 

for more details you need to call and discuss with our support team 8769534811

in general floor plan usually takes 2 to 3 working days

front elevation design takes 2 to 3 working days and

and some days require to do the changes as per discussion  

usually we don’t do site supervision or visit or construction as our concept is online 

during the time of construction we provide telephonic  support if our client require

yes you can ask your questions 

One bedroom house Designs have the basic purpose of providing adequate living space in a small room. It is also ideal for people who do not want to spend much for a house plan and would rather live in a simple home. One bedroom houses are usually designed with flexibility in mind; they can be easily expanded or converted when one gets the urge for an extra bedroom or uses the second bedroom as a guest room or office. These house plans are very easy to build, even for first time builders, since most of the groundwork is done for you at the site level, with just some minor adjustments at the construction site.

modern house elevation

Two bedroom house design PhD 2020 can be a small version of the traditional model. Small size of rooms gives more freedom to choose design elements. With two bedroom house design PhD you can make maximum use of both walls and ceiling to make maximum use of floor space and allow more open space for adding furniture. Small two bedroom house design PhD 2020 allows more individualized designing according to the individual preferences. Two bedroom homes are ideal for families and couples alike. The room sizes of these homes have increased over the past years with an increase in demand among people to live in smaller size houses.

Three bedroom house designs is one of the most popular design styles for new build homes and smaller properties. There are several benefits to this type of house design, and the three-bedroom house design has been used in some very famous houses, including the Hollywood Hills. In fact, some of the world’s most famous actors and actresses live in these houses, including Bruce Willis, Madonna and Will Smith. The three bedroom house design is a design style that offers both privacy and space and when combined with a good size garden can add considerable value to your home.

Four bedroom homes design have been the new rage in the real estate market of UK and the neighboring regions of Europe recently. There are a lot of reasons for its success, but I am going to name four main reasons why four bedroom homes are so popular. These are spaciousness, style, good location, and good looks. So now that you know the four major reasons for the popularity of these homes, it’s time to dig deep and find out the kind of four-bedroom home designs available in the UK and other parts of Europe. There are many options to choose from, and they are all classified under various design concepts such as bungalows, cottages, studio apartments and so on. The most popular among them are listed below:

North facing house design in a broader perspective. A North Facing House is basically a building with the front opening at the east and the back facing at the west. Let’s discuss some aspects of such type of architectural design. Here are some points to ponder: North Facing House is always better to face the east as the sun light will directly shine on the structure directly without any of the shadow.

South facing home is the name of a residential design concept that is gaining momentum in the world of home building and architecture. South facing houses are preferred for their greater aspect, which creates an illusion of space. More importantly, it makes the view of the landscape much more attractive and the visibility of the street or path lighting in the direction of the home is improved. This way, the building is not at all over burdened with pesky trees or other plants that block the view of the street or path.

latest east facing house design With homes being built with more floor plans being used there are some basic things that we need to learn before building our homes on any east-facing site. One of the easiest ways to start is to have a look at some of the fantastic homes on the market today that use the best east facing house design plans. This means that the home plans will give the architects the freedom to build the floor plan and materials they want to the specification they think is right for the new home. The key thing is not to think about the house plan or material suppliers, but instead concentrating on what is best for the individual that is selling their home.

The West Side House is also known as the Southwest Front Property, and is one of the more popular South Florida house designs in the United States. It was originally designed by architect Oscar Gutier, who worked for the Fluor Corporation of Florida and later on in his career he was able to design several beautiful homes. West Facing House Design is known for its unique character, which some would describe as a “Gran Torino” (an old world type design). In this design the building is set on an eight-foot foundation, and unlike most other front house designs, it is not boxed into the property. Instead it stands on a grassy, raised area on the edge of the property.

Small house designs are ideal for downsizing retired seniors, single individuals and first time home buyers. Small home designs define one among several important practical home design trends which provides both elegant and comfortable smaller homes not less than a few hundred square feet not more than two stories high and not less than five stories high. The trend is to make homes easily accessible by building multi-level dwellings that can be accessed by staircases. Many such houses also include extra facilities like greenhouses and hot tubs in their design. Others add facilities like pools, spas and tennis courts.

Home design vastu house design has become a popular trend in home designing. A house office as the title suggests is an executive office within the home. This ancient system of architectural design and living space in India accentuates peace, joy, prosperity and long term relationships with the design and planning of living and working areas. In today’s fast paced life each individual seeks some form of entertainment to ease out the stress of daily life. Vastu architecture has been the answer for thousands who seek a relaxing and calming experience that enhances their overall lifestyle. It enhances the charm of your home and reduces your daily stress by creating a peaceful and comfortable ambiance where you can unwind and concentrate better on your daily assignments.

Duplex house design is now very popular in this contemporary world. This duplex homes are very convenient to middle and large class family. House has two adjacent living units in it so that two adjacent families could utilize and enjoy it comfortably. Duplex houses are generally more profitable than large single story home, as single story house needs extensive foundation and basement.

latest bungalow house design Many people do not have the chance to live in a bungalow house plans as they are limited by the rules and structures that a house built according to such designs must have. This is why most bungalow house plans are remodeled to create a more modern look so that it will be suitable for today’s architecture standards. It must be said that many bungalow house plans were created for the sole purpose of allowing people to have a house they can use as a holiday home, which is why you can hardly find one that has a working traditional design to it. You can also find different bungalow floor plans that would allow you to have a smaller home built as a permanent residence if that is what you wish for. However you will need to consider whether or not a bungalow house design is right for you depending on your budget, as well as what you want to use the house for.

Most Innovative 1000 sqft House Design, India Style. Take it home today Major Purchase Plan, specially designed to suit your needs and taste. One of the most prominent landmarks in the city, Jai Mahal, is nearby to it. It is located at a prominent location and its beauty is simply unmatched by any other place in the region.

Planning a house design can be very challenging especially if you do not have any experience in planning or building. However, if you are willing to spend some time doing a bit of research on the web, you will find the perfect house design for you. Most house plans can be found for 1000 to 2020 square feet, but there will be plenty of small house design plans for you to choose from as well. If you need a smaller house design, you may want to consider a cottage house plan, which is a smaller version of a traditional house plan. Planning a house design using the web can be very fun and it can also be educational as well. You can even find sites that offer free house plans that are easy to follow.

You can choose from various types of house designs, it is up to you which one fits your home the best. The most popular type is contemporary, it gives the best look to your home because it is very modern and elegant. Modern houses today are usually designed in square or rectangular shapes, because that is the easiest design for architects to create. There are various other house designs available, like Mediterranean house designs, tropical house designs, New Zealand house designs, Australian house designs and many others, it all depends on what you are looking for.

house design 3000 to 4000 sqft- the new standard of home .So, what is it about house design 3000 to 4000 sq feet that makes people opt for this option? The simple answer is space. If you are living in a small flat where you have no space to park your car, store your belongings, work on your computer or even sleep in a proper bed then your options will be limited. This means that there will be no room for other accessories like a TV, fridge and so on. So the first thing you will have to do is to convert the small apartment into a home by buying furniture that can be stored in the closet or under the bed so that you have space available for all your needs.

If you are looking for an exquisite Single Floor House Design then this article written for you might just come to your rescue. Now, the first question that would be arising in your mind is where do I begin? Well, if you start off with the right tools and material then you will not have any problems in this area and you will be able to build one of the most beautiful single-story homes ever.

G+1 House Designs is a leading provider of bespoke, custom-designed accommodation management solutions for commercial and office properties. Their wide range of modular house designs across the entire build industry, with a focus on spaciousness and flexibility, complements your requirements and delivers superior service. They work with clients to create bespoke sustainable space plans, where every home or office space is customised to reflect the unique business needs of the client. They also offer a full suite of bespoke fit out products, which are used to bring your designs together as one. They have been in the business for over two decades and continually evolve their processes and systems to provide you with the most effective and efficient design solution.

If you are looking for a new G+2 house design, this article is going to help you out. Specifically, we’re going to talk about: The role of the deck in your design, why the deck is an important part of any house design, the differences between a gazebo and a g+2, and what type of accessories you might want for your deck. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have a better idea about how to incorporate the deck into your design. Good luck!

When it comes to apartment house design, it is not just a question of aesthetics. This type of dwelling, as the name suggests, has no central area for gathering and doing work, but rather is a series of interconnected rooms that function as one unit. Though it is not considered an adult home, the apartment house is typically larger than an individual’s home, since the living quarters are often meant to accommodate more people. This type of dwelling is also ideal for temporary visits by family and friends, as well as for renting out to people who are planning a move. In this article, we will discuss some tips and ideas on how you can make your apartment more functional, beautiful and safe.

When deciding on the villa house design, you should also keep in mind what facilities and amenities you will need within the villa. You might need a swimming pool, or a place to grill your food. A swimming pool in itself can be quite expensive, so make sure that you do take this into account when choosing the villa house design. If you plan on leaving the villa for work and leisure during the day then having a gym nearby is a great way of saving money and ensuring that you always look good and ready to go.

Modern house design focuses on large open spaces. Open floor plans maximize space, making the most of whatever space you have rather than making the most of a small space. Open floor plans also highlight spacious interiors without the need for tight hallways or the need to convert awkward rooms into functional ones. This does not mean everything is connected in the way of a staircase or hallway, however, for instance, the kitchen, living and lounge area can be connecting through clever transition spaces (like lighting or floor levels) which define each space yet allow the free movement of guests and family.

If you are in charge of the management and planning of any commercial building project, you need to find ways to make your project easier to manage as well as cost-effective. There are many different aspects of commercial building house design that can be optimized to help your business succeed. One important area that often gets overlooked is the space needed for parking. It is crucial that you allocate the appropriate amount of space to each of your tenants, and you will want to create that space before you make any permanent decisions about floor plan changes.

Kerala house design is quite a suitable house model in southern India and even in other foreign countries as well. Among the most famous style of Kerala i.e. naluketta is the traditional style. It is an old fashioned style of Kerala. Its look has a combination of modern & traditional look and this look is also in the houses in India.Naluketta has beautiful house planks made from the Kottayam wood that has amazing natural beauty.

Only Front Yard Design is a company that offers their services to home owners who are having difficulty designing their dream house that is pleasing to the eye, simple in design, easy to maintain, safe from natural elements and the list goes on. In this technological age, when most people would prefer to use the internet whenever they would want to search for something they need, the internet can also be used to find a company that offers services such as Only Front Yard Design. With the help of the internet, you will be able to access a large database of companies that offer different types of services. Once you have found the one that suits your needs, you may choose the one that you like by looking at the examples of the design that they will make.

The latest 3D house design features are able to give you a great advantage in making a decision on what house to buy. They allow you to make the most out of the money that you will spend and still be able to enjoy the kind of home that you want. Whether you want to have a traditional house built from the ground up or simply want to change it up a bit, you can find the right kind of home design that is made specifically for your needs with the latest 3D house design features. You can get a good idea on the different kinds of houses that you can choose from and learn about some of the best features that they have to offer.

A Unique and Beautiful House Design

If you have a house in a city then you will surely know how hard it is to find a nice place to live. Even if there are many options in a city, the only way to find a nice one is to check the house design and architecture of different places that have homes that you can afford. Here are some of the popular home design ideas that can be used to get you a good looking house.

The most common modern minimalist house design is very easy, comfortable and modern to live in. They generally use natural materials such as concrete and aluminum beams instead of fancy metals and costly ones such as glass and wood. For example, for the basement, the most commonly used materials are concrete blocks with no insulation, while the floors usually consist of bare concrete, tiles or stones.

If you want to give your house a modern look, you can try using the modern, simple house design. This house design consists of basic materials such as wood and tile, but it also uses modern design elements such as clean lines, clean colors and light flooring. Some examples of this design are the modern bungalow on the hills. Another design that can be used for this kind of house design is the modern cottage in the country.

You can also use the traditional home design if you want to use traditional elements in your house. You can use materials like bricks and stone for the interiors, but keep it in a simple manner. There are also other materials such as brick and concrete that can be used for the walls and roofs.

There are also a lot of different designs for your unique and beautiful luxury home. The best part about this type of home design is that it can be made from several different materials such as wood, bricks, aluminum and even cement. It can also be designed by using a combination of different materials. One of the best examples of this design is the contemporary house with the white and natural color scheme.

If you want to use wood in your house design, you can always use a simple modern bungalow with an old-fashioned look and feel. Other than wood, you can use a variety of other materials such as stone, marble, granite and bricks to give your house a more traditional feel.

Other unique materials used in your unique and beautiful luxurious home include marble and slate. Marble and slate are two of the most used natural stones that you can choose for your house design. You can also use other natural stones such as flagstone, sandstone, and slate, and you can even use limestone and other minerals such as calcite for your house design.

There are many different ways that you can make your house a unique and beautiful home. However, the most important thing to do to create your own unique and beautiful luxury home is to first check the house design and architecture of a place that you can afford and choose a design that you like. You can also find some other unique ideas that you like online, and apply them to your house design.

After choosing your unique and beautiful house design, you can also make the walls and roofing of your house different. This will allow you to create the style that you want for your house.

There are also special touches that you can add to your house design, such as installing an aquarium, wall fountain, ornaments and statues. If you want, you can also put an interior fireplace.

Your unique and beautiful luxury house design can help you save lots of money compared to building your own house, especially if you build your own house with a custom design. If you choose the right construction company, you can save even more money compared to buying a ready-made house.

How to Choose Modern House Design Elements

Modern house design has been a highly fashionable style characterized by certain features. Taking inspiration from the past, and merging it with modern technology, contemporary houses have become increasingly user friendly. Here are five characteristics of contemporary house style to assist you in deciding whether it is the ideal choice for your next build.

– Space – Many houses today come in large rooms, such as townhouses and apartments. They will take up a significant amount of room, but are also often fully equipped with all the comforts of home. The most common feature is that each room is at least three times as large as its surroundings, and this gives it the feel of being in another world – an ideal style for people who have an active lifestyle.

– Efficiency – Another popular feature of modern house is efficiency. With so many people looking to cut down on their energy consumption, many builders have taken great care to ensure their designs are efficient. Energy saving appliances, low maintenance services and efficient buildings are becoming increasingly popular and the average house design will definitely be one that is environmentally friendly.

– Cladding – One of the more popular features of modern style house is the use of cladding. This is used to create an illusion of depth to a wall, adding a dramatic effect. The use of glass or other reflective materials is also becoming more common in contemporary design.

– Colors – There are hundreds of different colors available when it comes to paint, so it’s not uncommon for a person’s home to look completely different when painted by different contractors. In order to create a sense of unity within your home, you should choose a color scheme that works well with the interiors of your house, and is both attractive and practical. When it comes to choosing your paint colors, you should make sure they are easy to blend into the existing colours in your home and are easy to maintain.

– Floor Plan – Every home must have a clearly defined floor plan. While there are some exceptions, most modern houses have a central living space with two separate bedrooms, a kitchen, and living room.

– Decorating – The choice of color, type of wallpaper and floor coverings is very important. While modern decor often uses natural materials like stone and wood, others choose materials like glass and metal.

The list of design features may seem rather daunting, but there is certainly nothing impossible about a house. You can choose a contemporary house that offers all of these qualities and more, or you can choose a traditional house with none of them at all.

A modern house does not have to be without its own unique characteristics and design features. It should, however, have some key characteristics which set it apart from the rest of the pack. For example, a modern house may not have any internal walls, while a traditional home will.

A traditional house can also take its own style in terms of design elements that are not necessarily found in other types of homes. It is not uncommon for a Victorian home to include an elaborate ceiling in one room, while a modern home might have an elegant table that looks out onto the street below. In fact, a Victorian home that has a traditional, open floor plan is even more open than a modern home with a more compact and closed floor plan.

When choosing your house design, you can choose to keep the modern elements to a minimum. in order to create a home that still looks attractive and functional, or choose the contemporary design elements to create a home that exudes style and class.

Ultimately, you want to choose a style that suits you, so that you will be able to live in it for years to come. While modern house designs can be expensive, they are definitely worth the investment. If you are concerned about saving money, there are plenty of cheap, outdated styles of house that still look great and are in high demand today.

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