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G+2 front elevation

The G+2 Front Elevation is the latest addition to a wide variety of video cameras that can be found on the market today. They are unique because they have the ability to provide the user with a much wider panoramic view than that of other smaller cameras that are available on the market.

Most of these products are equipped with the ability for users to adjust the video angle so that they can get a more zoomed out view and not have as much of an obstruction on the field of vision. If you are someone who is interested in purchasing one of these cameras, make sure to read my review of the model that I am reviewing here.

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g+2 front elevation

g+2 front elevation 25*32 ft 800 sqft

g+2 front elevation with triple story  cream and brown color glass section  in budget construction   


plot size


no. of floor





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g+2 front elevation

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