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front elevation of small indian houses

The back elevation of small Indian houses is the primary focus of interest of most Indians. Back-elevation is also the primary consideration of most of the architects. The back elevation is the level ground of the house. As the main source of the sunlight, it is a good spot for the roof to be attached to.

When you go to the front elevation, the first thing that you will find is the entry way. It is the part of the house where people come in to see out. This is the place where people spend their time reading the newspaper, watching television or listening to music.

As such, this is the place where you should take care of. Make it appealing so that the visitors can have a pleasant experience. In other words, give it a pleasant ambiance and design to make it more attractive to the visitors. Do not forget to include all the necessary things that make it attractive design such as the flowers, the statues, the lamps etc.

Now, back in front elevation you will find the front part of the house. This is where you usually walk to. It is the section of the house which faces the street or the public. It is the place where people go to see out their businesses. You should consider the space and choose an appropriate design so that it can accommodate all your customers.

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front elevation of small indian houses

front elevation of small indian houses 22*28 ft 616 Sq ft

front elevation of small indian houses with double story brown and cream  color with boundary wall in budget construction


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front elevation of small indian houses

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