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front elevation of duplex house

  1. The front elevation of a duplex house can greatly enhance its appeal, and with 2 floors to work with, there’s plenty of opportunity to create a stunning design.
  2.  If you’re looking for a modern touch, consider incorporating 3D elements and sleek lines.
  3. However, if you prefer a more normal approach, a simple boundary wall can add the necessary charm.
  4. An east-facing orientation is always advantageous and can help take advantage of natural light.
  5. To keep things looking fresh and chic, consider using a white and brown color theme, accented with tiles and glass designs.
  6.  These elements can make the space feel open, bright and inviting.

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front elevation of duplex house

front elevation of duplex house

29×52 ft 1508 sqft front elevation of duplex house with double  story brown and grey color yellow tiles and  boundary wall.


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top front elevation of duplex house 2023

To know the front elevation of duplex houses, we will first go in depth about its architecture. The basic structure of duplex is that one side has two stories while the other side is a single story house. Duplex houses are also known as two story homes. One of the main reasons why the duplex has become so popular is because it does not look out of place.

It blends in with the surroundings in such a way that no one will find it out of place. In addition to this, it also looks like a normal house with simple structure and it doesn’t exude a lot of pomp or showiness.

Another thing to consider while looking at the front elevation of duplex is its landscaping. It is very important to have a well landscaped yard as this helps to make the property look more attractive. Also, the landscape should be well balanced between the front and the rear of the duplex house. There should be adequate space to walk around. The backyard also needs to be large enough for entertaining friends or relatives.


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