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front elevation double floor houseere

Kerala houses are of different design types such as modern, traditional and duplex. The recent trend of architecture is to go with the latest and modern trends in architecture. In the recent trend of architecture, the trend is going for front elevation home designs. Front elevation homes are those homes that have been built using an open top on the side walls.

These homes are very popular and are preferred by many people because they offer many advantages compared to the other new home types like the traditional house types. The main advantage of these houses is that they are able to save a lot of space.

The space that is saved can be used for additional rooms, guest rooms, pool or just for storing all the things that one has accumulated over the years. These houses are also able to provide you the best environment that is environment friendly. These houses do not have any air conditioner and the cost of cooling them will be very high.

The main disadvantage of front elevation houses is that it is only suitable for those who do not mind living on the top. It is also not suitable for those who live in the middle of the house because they can easily freeze in the middle of the house.

The price of this house is quite high and so if you want to buy this house then you should know all your options. You should know what is in demand and what is not. You should also know about the market price of these houses before you buy it.

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front elevation double floor house

front elevation double floor house 25*65 ft 1625 sqft

front elevation double floor house  white brown  and yellow  color with  boundary wall and glass section in budget construction


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front elevation double floor house

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