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front elevation design

A front elevation design is essentially a section of landscape design that emphasizes the landscape element as viewed from the front or from an upper view without or with precise measurements. The front elevation design focuses on a specific or a certain aspect of a landscape such as taller trees, taller buildings, or taller grass along a landscape border or walkway.

A front elevation design may include a number of views; for instance, in a back yard landscape, the front lawn and the front flowers may be emphasized, while the back lawn and other landscape features may be leaving bare or under-utilized. All of this is typically done through a front elevation design.

A front elevation is different from a landscaped garden because front elevation is normally used for larger or denser structures such as homes, buildings, or gardens. The front elevation elevations can also be used in residential landscaping and for commercial structures.

In residential desgin landscaping, the front elevations can usually be seen on large manicured lawns that border large backyards and in town parks. These large front elevations are usually used to emphasize architectural aspects such as buildings and other structures as well as other features such as walkways, paths, driveways, and retaining walls.

Side elevations and rear elevation designs are also common. These are more complicated front elevation design that usually involves the use of multiple landscaping elements.

In a side elevation design, the main landscape element is located in the lower level, while the decorative elements are located on or near the main landscape element. A rear elevation design normally displays elements from one or two levels above the landscape level.

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front elevation design

front elevation design
30*55 ft
1650 sq ft

front elevation design double floor with car parking brown color tiles   in budget construction  

30*55 ft

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front elevation design

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