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Elevation of house in india

  1. This 3D elevation of a house in India is a perfect example of a simple and elegant design that is inspired by Indian style.
  2. The 2 floor house features a normal and practical design that is perfect for modern living.
  3. The use of a white and yellow-brown color theme creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a home.
  4. The tiles used in the exterior add a touch of sophistication to the overall design.
  5. The simple boundary wall is perfect for maintaining privacy and security while also enhancing the aesthetics of the house
  6. This elevation is a great example of how a simple and straightforward design can be transformed into a stunning and functional home.

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elevation of house in india

elevation of house in india

29×72 ft 2088 sqft elevation of house in india with double story yellow and brown color cream tiles boundary wall.


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best Elevation of house in india 2023

There are many reasons which make Elevation of House in India an essential component of the overall home decoration. Before this concept came into use, the only way to elevate a house from the ground level was by means of wooden ramps, which were obviously very difficult to construct and extremely expensive as well.

It is not possible for every house owner in India to build traditional wooden ramps; so he/she must choose an alternative method. Elevation of House in India has solved this problem by providing ample space for both front and interior rooms of the house in the form of a grand open-air canopy or a covered veranda which can be raised or lowered by means of a crane.


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