duplex house plans

How to Choose Duplex House Plans With elevation design

get best duplex house plans for your home we provide all type of house plans like north, south, east, west facing as per vastu 

you need to do some research before taking  house plan design or drawing like your basic requirement,  see all size of of house plans some of the populer sizes are 1000 sqft, 1200 sqft, and 1500 sqft in india 

duplex house plan
duplex house plan

duplex house plans 3200 square feet 40*80 ft

duplex house plan 3200 square feet  40*80 ft with 3 bed room kitchen and  drowning room dining hall and garden  in budget construction

40*80 ft

Plot Size


no. of floors





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Duplex House Plans - What to Look For When Choosing a Duplex Home Design


Duplex house plans can be either one-story homes with an apartment on each side or just duplex housing with apartments on either side. A duplex house plan is a plan that combines a duplex home with duplex living in the same building. It is made up of several rooms that have their own doors and windows but share a wall to share a common area.



The best type of duplex house plans to look at is ones that will be able to create a comfortable living space while providing additional living space as needed. Duplexes are popular in areas with the best weather conditions and a duplex can save a homeowner lots of money on energy expenses.


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