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Best Vastu for the home in 2024 for all 16 directions

Vastu for the home

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vastu purush mandala is a diagram depicting the directions and energies present in a building or site according to the principles of Vastu shastra. It is composed of 16 directions, each associated with specific qualities:

Vastu for the home in 2024 for all 16 directions
Vastu for the home in 2024 for all 16 directions

Vastu for the home main 8 directions

  • North (Uttara): Career, prosperity
  • Northeast (Eeshan): Spiritual growth, meditation
  • East (Purva): Health, positive energy
  • Southeast (Agneya): Fire element, creativity
  • South (Dakshina): Fame, Reputation
  • Southwest (Nairutya): Natural elements, elimination of negativity
  • West (Pashchima): Relationships, Romance
  • Northwest (Vayavya): Air element, income opportunities

The intermediate directions are:

  • North-northeast: Wealth
  • East-northeast: Self-development
  • East-southeast: Family happiness
  • South-southeast: Good food
  • South-southwest: Correction of flaws
  • West-southwest: Longevity, inheritance
  • West-northwest: Valor, courage
  • North-northwest: Learning, education

The central directions are:

  • Northeast (Eeshan): The most sacred and important direction. Associated with spiritual enlightenment.
  • Southeast (Agneya): Associated with the fire element. Useful for kitchen, and prayer room.
  • Southwest (Nairutya): Elimination of negativity. Good for toilets, and septic tanks.
  • Northwest (Vayavya): Air element. Good for living and dining.
  • The central point or ‘Brahmasthan’: Denotes the balance of energies and soul. Best for meditation.

By properly aligning rooms, entrances, and layout to the vastu chakra, balance, and harmony can be brought to a space.

Vastu for the home 16 directions of the vastu Shakti chakra

North (Uttara)

Ruled by Kuber, the god of wealth

Best for positioning treasuries, safes, lockers

Keep this area open and unobstructed

Northeast (Eeshan/Ishan)

Ruled by Shiva and Parvati

Sacred direction, enhances spiritual practice

Good for pooja rooms, meditation areas

Avoid heavy structures here

East (Purva)

Ruled by Indra, king of gods

Connected to health and positivity

Ideal for kitchen, dining room, and living spaces

A water body can be built here

Southeast (Agneya)

Ruled by Agni, the god of fire

Stimulates creativity and passion

Good for kitchen, workspaces

Candles, and lighting can enhance this space

South (Dakshina)

Ruled by Yama, the god of death

Increases fame and public image

Keep lower than the north direction

Good for portraits, nameplates

Southwest (Nairutya)

Ruled by the demon Nirriti

Absorbs negative energies

Ideal for toilets, bathrooms, garbage areas

Avoid bedrooms, and living rooms here

West (Pashchima)

Ruled by Varuna, the god of oceans

Strengthens relationships

Ideal for bedrooms, drawing rooms

Flowing water enhances this space

Northwest (Vayavya)

Ruled by Vayu, the god of wind

Connected to income, prosperity

Good for shops, offices, guest rooms

Keep open, avoid heavy constructions

Intermediate Directions:

North-northeast –

This junction of the north and northeast is ruled by Kubera and Shiva. It brings wealth and material prosperity if strengthened. Having a safe, locker or cash repository here can enhance finances.

East-northeast –

Governed by Indra and Shiva, this zone improves fortune and self-development. It is an excellent direction for meditating and spiritual practice. The placement of empowering, divine images and altars can be beneficial.

East-southeast –

This area is influenced by Agni and Indra. It promotes health, harmony, and happiness in the family and relationships. The kitchen is ideally located in this direction with the cooking platform in the east-southeast.

South-southeast –

Ruled by Yama and Agni, this direction brings good food and nourishment. It is excellent for the placement of the kitchen stove, cooking appliances, and refrigerator. Proper orientation enhances appetite and digestion.

South-southwest –

This junction of the south and southwest is governed by Yama and Nirriti. It helps in the correction of flaws and brings about spiritual healing. You can place an image or idol of Lord Dhanvantari, the god of Ayurvedic medicine here.

West-southwest –

Influenced by Varuna and Nirriti, this zone governs longevity and inheritance. It is also connected to ancestors and ancient knowledge. Placing images of grandparents or performing ancestral prayer rituals here can be beneficial.

West-northwest –

Ruled by Varuna and Vayu, this direction enhances courage, valor, and protection from enemies. The entrance from the west-northwest is called the shoola door and is considered inauspicious. Avoid having a toilet, garbage area, or large pit here.

North-northwest –

Governed by Kubera and Vayu, this area improves learning, education, and constructive hobbies. It is an excellent direction for a home office, library, or children’s study room.

Vastu for the home in 2024 for all 16 directions

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