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tips for saving money when building a house

tips for saving money when building a house

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Here are some tips for saving money when building a house:

tips for saving money when building a house
tips for saving money when building a house
  • Get quotes from multiple contractors. This allows you to compare prices and find the best deals. Make sure to get itemized quotes so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.

  • Use pre-fabricated components when possible. Things like pre-made trusses, windows, cabinets, etc can be cheaper than custom built.

  • Buy construction materials in bulk. Purchasing large quantities of things like lumber, tiles, and flooring can lead to discounts from suppliers. Just make sure you have adequate storage.

  • Act as your own general contractor. This takes more work but you save the markup a GC adds. You’ll need to coordinate all subcontractors yourself.

  • Look for recycled or lightly used materials. Check out architectural salvage yards and used building supply stores. You can find quality materials for fixtures, flooring, etc.

  • Stick to a simple and efficient floor plan. Limit custom features in the design which add cost like complex rooflines, specialty windows, etc.

  • Finish some parts later. Leave basements, additional bathrooms, etc unfinished at first if needed to save money. You can always complete them later.

  • Use energy efficient building practices. Added insulation, passive solar design, and energy efficient appliances will save in the long run.

  • Shop end of season sales for materials. Buy lumber in the fall and landscaping materials late in the growing season for the best deals.

  • Do some work yourself where possible. If you’re handy, do basic work like painting and landscaping to reduce labor costs.

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