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simple elevation

In simple elevation plans there is no need for complicated engineering and architectural drawings. Simple elevation designs of home elevations have the advantage of providing a quick and simple explanation of how the floor plan should look. They also provide an easy reference to building codes. The cost of simple elevations of your floor plan depends on the complexity of the elevations required.

In simple elevation plans there are many features like stairs, doorways and windows placed at various levels and at various heights in your home. Staircase can be used for stair cases running up to the roof line or from the roof line down to the patio.

Door ways would be a set of steps leading to the door and/or patio from front elevation or from the rear elevation to first floor. Windows are usually placed from rear elevation to front elevation and vice versa.

The best feature of simple elevation designs for ground floor home projects is that they are designed to minimize the vertical distance between floors and also to minimize the horizontal distance between walls. This will reduce the structural load on the building envelope, thus reducing the cost of construction.

Simple elevation designs for small house front elevation designs are best suitable for economical housing applications. You should choose the elevation design which best suits your requirements and budget.

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simple elevation

simple elevation 31*57 Ft 1767 Sq ft

simple elevation design with car parking and boundary wall design in budget construction


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