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Modern Elevation Design

Modern Elevation Design is a newly designed residential development which three newly built homes of different age groups and a large family. This modern house plan by grid architecture is situated facing the north, having the other three sides abutted against adjacent properties. The five-storey residential towers rise up from a central courtyard.

These are designed to be flexible to changes in the landscape and the architectural specification of the property. They are constructed with skylights and are surrounded by an open plan kitchen area and a garden courtyard with water features. A well-planned development like this will not only add value to your home but will also add considerably to your quality of life.

This modern house plan has been carefully planned with the inclusion of the key features such as an innovative kitchen with a range of modern appliances, a spacious drawing room, a study area, and a bedroom that are the size and configuration of a small bungalow.

To facilitate easy maintenance of the building the small but efficient house on wheels is equipped with a mobile boiler, a boiler service and central heating. This building is suitable for people who are unable to move to a larger property, as its small size requires less mover’s help.

Furthermore, the developers have tried to ensure that the installation of solar panels on the roof helps the building to retain its green credentials.The house on wheels was designed to cater to the needs of people who cannot find time to find an appropriate place to stay in New Zealand. It is an ideal residential development for people who have recently migrated to the country.

In addition, it is one of the smaller developments available in the city and hence provides a level of convenience for those looking to live in the city centre. Its small size makes it ideal for small families to live in a modern house on wheels.

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modern elevation design

modern elevation design 50*60 Ft 3000 Sq ft

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Modern Elevation Design

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