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Kerala House Design Front Elevation

Top 3 Ways to Enhance Your Home Design With Kerala House Design

Kerala house design is completely different from other Indian house design. Its architectural front elevation is in the form of a mountain range which offers the most picturesque view of the surrounding. The back yard, which is considered as the most important part of the house, is surrounded by the spectacular mountains. This unique feature makes Kerala house design more beautiful and appealing. These mesmerizing views of surrounding will absolutely add to your comfort and happiness.

You can also take the assistance of an architect while building your house. They have expertise in building a house which has the most appropriate and profitable placement. These architects can also help you in changing or altering the existing design of the house. You should also give importance to the floor plan and its arrangement. This will be beneficial for the construction of the home.

The elevation of the land from the air and the base is another significant factor in designing your home. There are several hill stations present around the world which are very popular destination for tourism. However, only few of them have sufficient and proper elevation to support human habitation and other activities. In the case of Kerala, the climate is semi-tropical and moist. You will get enough moisture in the soil and it will act as a perfect fertilizer for the plants.

The soil of these hill stations is rich in nutrients. It also contains a good amount of sodium and potassium, which can prove as beneficial fertilizer for the plants. The elevation of the surrounding soil above the home varies from about 300 to about 1000 meters. You should also pay a lot of attention to the irrigation system you have installed at your home.

Most of the houses of Kerala are built on a raised ground. This is beneficial for the construction of the house because the soil will hold more water. When you build your house on an uneven soil, it will not last long. However, the front of the house design will be a little elevated from the surrounding land. Therefore, the front elevations will be different.

The front elevation of the house will be different in almost all the homes of Kerala. The elevations vary from around 100 to about 600 meters. Some of the places are very beautiful and have high elevations. The elevations will be significant for the landscape around the house. If you want to make your landscape beautiful, you will need to pay attention to the front elevation. This is the most important part in the front house design.

The hill station elevations will change from time to time. You should never wait for the rise of the hill station elevations. You should always plan for the rise of the hill station elevations. The rise of the hill station can help you in many ways. First, you will not have to make many construction works.

Secondly, if you are planning to build a small or medium house, you should not choose a house that has high front elevations. Your small or medium house will look crowded if the front of your house is higher than the other houses. Therefore, you should plan your front elevation before you plan for the entire house design.

The best way to build the front elevation of the house is to use the hill station building code for the location of the front of the house. Then you will have to make some changes in the front of your house to comply with the elevation requirements. You may have to relocate some trees or the lawns. However, you should try to adjust the front area so that the house design looks good. You should also follow the local practices. For instance, most of the house designers recommend that you construct your house on a hill station.

There are three ways to increase the front elevation of your house. You should always build the front door tall. If you build the front door too low, it will make the entrance area too crowded. You should also fix the front door wide and high. If you fix the front door high, you will be able to retain as much natural light as possible.

You should use shutters on the windows and the doors. The shutters not only help in regulating the amount of light entering the house, but they also provide privacy. You should not use shutters where there is a lot of natural light entering the house. Instead, you should fix curtains at the front door. These curtains will also help in increasing the front elevation of the house.

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Explore the Contemporary Style House Elevation

Kerala the famous Indian state is famous for its amazing natural and geographical features. There are many tourists and holiday makers who come to Kerala to enjoy holidays in the beautiful hill stations and picturesque backwaters. Tourists have a wonderful opportunity to explore the scenic charm and romantic lifestyle of Kerala, God’s Own Country. Tourists can enjoy a houseboat cruise over the enchanting backwaters of Kerala and enjoy the sightseeing of refreshing nature in this natural paradise. Tourists can also enjoy tailor made Kerala houseboat tours that allow them to explore the enchanting architectural qualities and charming locales of Kerala. Kerala houseboat tours are a unique form of traditional Kerala house building that gives the tourists to experience the traditional Kerala lifestyle.

kerala style house elevation
kerala style house elevation

Kerala offers some of the most picturesque scenery in the whole world. It is blessed with captivating natural beauty and breathtaking backwaters which have great influences on the climatic conditions and tourism attractions of Kerala. Houseboat cruise over the refreshing backwaters of Kerala will take you to the world of wonderment. Houseboat will slowly going to explore the exotic views of swaying palm trees, cascading waterfalls, coir villages, and well organized tea and coffee plantation.

One of the best ways to explore the charm and beauty of Kerala is house plan architecture. Kerala is well known for its exquisite art and architecture and there are several famous modern homes built in Kerala with the latest home design elevations and styles. Modern houses are available in a wide range of sizes and structures. Each unit comes with modern facilities and interiors that make them perfect for your holiday home decoration.

The contemporary house plan architecture gives a unique and exotic look to your home decor. The modern style house elevation model home plans allow the users to add modern style elements to their home elevations. You can use unique kitchen island units and open-air dining space, built-in storage areas and modern furniture with wooden or metal finishing to make your home beautiful. Most of these models come with a green roof garden and decks to add extra outdoor spaces. You can also opt for wireless Internet and plumbing along with electric fittings inside the modern home plans.

The traditional home design elevations are also available in a number of beautiful designs. These traditional home elevations gives an impressive look to the buildings and are designed with more charm and elegance. You can select the traditional ones with unique features such as clay tiles floors, hand-woven carpets, oil paintings on walls, and many other features. You can also opt for the modern style house elevations with features such as solar heating system, double glazed windows, tinted glass, and hardwood flooring with natural oils. These modern house design elevations make the building maintenance easy and simple.

There are different home elevations available in the market, which you can select according to your requirements. If you are looking for the contemporary-style house elevations, then you can choose from the ones such as the ones made from wood, which gives a beautiful ambience to your home. There are some home designs with a modern touch, which adds sophistication and elegance to the modern homes. Most of these contemporary style house elevations are available in amazing shades of colors and various textures, which enhance the look of your home.

On the other hand, if you are searching for traditional Kerala style house elevations and other traditional home elevations, you can visit any local building store and choose any of the options available there. Most of the people prefer to build traditional houses and install the traditional style flooring and walling materials, such as adobe, cement, and granite. You can also hire the services of a local interior designer to customize your home elevations according to your preferences. However, if you are interested in using natural products, then you can just consult your local landscape company or a botanist who will design the garden of your house and build the perfect landscape with the help of trees, flowers, grass, and other plants.

If you want to find out more about contemporary house plans and elevations, then you can also log on to the internet and browse through the various websites related to this topic. You will be able to find many online companies that sell contemporary house plans and elevations and the necessary installation services. These companies will also guide you about the types of flooring and walling material to use. Once you have chosen the product of your choice, they will install it in your house. So, you do not have to worry about installing the flooring on your own and wasting time and money on it.

Kerala House Design Photo – One of Your Dreams

Kerala house design photo galleries are available on My House Map. Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India. There are many beautiful backwaters and lovely beaches in this state. Tourists from all the nook and corner of the world travel to this state to enjoy holidays in luxury.

Kerala has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is endowed with some of the most exotic locations in India. From deserts to hills, lakes to the gulf, there are lots to explore in Kerala. One of the popular places in this beautiful state is Kumarakom where tourists can enjoy some of the modern designs plans of Kerala house interior. Here one can find traditional as well as modern designs.

Well if you want to explore the charm and beauty of Kerala house 3D Home, first you need to do a lot of research work about it. A lot of online websites are present which can provide you information about Kerala and its various tourist attractions. Well the beauty of Kerala can never be spoilt, in this state you can find a lot of different things in one place, like temples, backwaters, lakes, gardens, hill stations, hills, waterfalls, lush green mountains, exotic wildlife parks, and sanctuaries, etc.

House elevation traditional style
kerala house design photo

Well for your information I have prepared some fascinating post about Kerala home interior and various tour packages available in this beautiful state. Well if you want to get more information about the various tours package for your vacation in Kerala, then log on to my website. Here you will get lots of exciting offers and discounts on home interior designs from various online tour packages. You will also know about the dates, venue, operators, and other details about that particular tour package. You will also get to know which of the tours are most popular among honeymooners from all around the world.

In this article you will get to know about small home design plans for your house which is ideal for honeymooners and for newly married couples who want to create a soothing and tranquil environment in their new home. Well, one such small home design ideas, which will be really interesting for honeymooners and newly married couples to relax and unwind on a lovely sunny beach. You should plan your holiday accordingly to make your holiday wonderful and memorable, you should choose Kerala house decor according to your taste and budget. Well, Kerala is a beautiful state with lots of amazing architectural wonders. There are some of the architectural wonders in Kerala like Buddha Vigna Temple, Kumarakom Caves, Alleppey Caves, Ezhimala Temple, Iddukiya Jain Temple, etc.

Well for your information there are many varieties of small house designs that you can choose for your house from different designers in Kerala. They have their unique designs, and style, but one thing that you should keep in your mind is that you should always check the availability of space in your new home. You can make your dream home small only if you have maximum space. And for that you should choose Kerala house design plans style that is most suitable for maximum space utilization. It will look more beautiful and attractive if you choose such home design plans that are made especially for maximum utilization of space.

Well if you want to save your money then you should think about your needs carefully. If you really love to spend time in your beach house then you should plan about your kitchen area and bathroom first and foremost. For that you should check out your requirements properly because first of all every house has a kitchen and bathroom area and that is one of the most important sections of the home. If you don’t find adequate space in your kitchen or bathroom area then it will create difficulty for you to cook food and wash your clothes. But with the help of excellent designing in Kerala house plans and your creative thinking you can fulfill your dreams for your lifetime and live happily with your family.

Nowadays there are many people who are going for house designing with some ideas for maximum utilization of space so that they can save their money too. With the help of such designing you can make your house as per your preferences, likes and dislikes. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t get scared, just go ahead, and create your home dream on your own. Don’t waste your time, hire one of the best designer, and make your dream home.

Kerala House Elevation – Luxury Living at Its Best

When I decided to buy a house in Kerala I looked for the best house elevation on the Internet. My first choice was the Kovalam House Elevation, located on a quiet lane named Parambikulam in Thiruvallam. It is one of the most beautiful single story residential buildings. The building has a single story and the staircase to the first floor is narrow and winding. The second story looks out onto the backyards and has a very good view of the backwaters.

The house was built in the mid-19th century by engineer-turned-businessman R.K. Yashar and his brother Ravi Yashar. They constructed a small lane from the house and then built up the entire building from scratch. As far as we could see, the construction materials were not complicated and the finishing process went smoothly and without any glitches. The house was completed in a month’s time and it is said that Yashar and his brother Yash Raj took up the project in order to make their fortune in the rubber and palm oil industry in Kerala.

Another interesting feature in this charming house is the house elevation, which is at 18 meters. Water from the small pond on the lower story is pumped into the main house through the pipes. It takes about two hours for the water to reach the first floor, where the cooking is done and the rest of the family members take a bath. Water tank is an interesting feature in this house as well.

The water tank is a very important element in the house. The main water supply comes from the kottapuram water tank in Thiruvallam. From here the water flows into a large water tank on the top floor and then to a series of smaller tanks on the second and third floor. There are many such features in the house of Kerala that give it a very attractive look.

All these features are coupled with Kerala house elevation. The building is built at different levels and the levels have their own elevations. The first floor has the residential module complete with single story and the other floors have single stories only. In a typical house in Kerala there are one master bedroom, a guest room, and some shops.

These buildings use clay tiling on all the floors. Even the floors are handwoven, giving the building a very unique look. The interior of the house is very cozy and comfortable. The fact that it is constructed on multiple floors increases the living space to a great extent. The rooms have open spaces and are spacious.

There are several advantages of getting house elevation in Kerala. It makes the construction cost has come down since the construction is done at once unlike the other building constructions where you

have to go for various building constructions. The cost comes down because there is no need for any major work like plumbing or wiring required. The work starts right from the construction of the structure of the building and it is completed after finishing the interiors. These buildings also offer a very good resale value.

You can avail these houses with various facilities like single bathroom, large kitchen, swimming pool, and kids’ play area etc. There are plenty of buildings available in Kerala which are fully furnished and you can choose the one which suits you the best. You can even opt for the fully furnished guestroom which will allow you to use the available space to your maximum advantage. The facilities are fully air conditioned and the kitchens are fully equipped.

House Elevation – A Must for Your Home in Kerala

Recently I had a leisurely morning walk with my friend M. from Kerala House Elevation and discussed the same with him about the same. He informed me that there are many sites of historic importance in Kerala. The typical houseboat house and bungalow has been converted into a temple, resort, historical museum, or palace. The land slopes around these bungalows are also quite steep, resulting in an amazing architectural charm to the place.

All these buildings have their own unique significance in the backwaters and surrounding areas. There are many bungalows like Koodalu backwater, Alleppey, Thiruvallam, Kozhikode, etc., with their own interesting architecture. The most interesting thing about them is that the bungalows are maintained well and the people live relatively comfortably. Some of the bungalows like Alleppey have even received UNESCO heritage site award. So, I took my GPS and explored all these beautiful places on my own.

traditional house elevation
kerala house elevation 2021

I found that the most exciting place was the Alleppey backwater which was known by the British for its great sea-war. It is the biggest in the world in terms of area with approximately twenty-seven kilometers of coastline. The natural beauty of the place is quite captivating with palm fringed beaches, paddy fields, cattail paddies, and lush green valleys. The best time to visit this place is during the months of June to September. The houseboat can be hired out during the summer and the view of the surrounding is simply splendid.

Another famous place in Kerala house elevations is Kumarakom. This is one of the most popular backwater destination in Kerala, where tourists can enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, cascading waterfalls, and lovely water lagoons. A curious fact about this place is that it has the highest altitude of any town in south India and the first house built over the Caves of Kumarakom were built by the British inviting the code of the law, which allowed them to remain in the region.

Apart from that, Kumarakom is also famous for its rich culture with its colorful fairs and dances. One can also visit the enchanting bird sanctuary and national park here. This place offers a glimpse into the past of the charming locals who still practice the ancient customs and meet their ancestors in a delightful and traditional manner. Truly, Kumarakom is a place that makes me realize the real essence of Kerala and God’s Own Country.

Backwaters of Kerala are endowed with the unmatched natural beauty and there are many popular backwater destinations in the state. Kumarakom is certainly one of the most popular ones among the rest. Its natural beauty is just worth admiring. This place is definitely worth visiting and exploring on your own.

Apart from that, the house elevation also plays an important role in the overall appeal of the house. If you have a house in Kumarakom, then you would not want it to look lower or higher than the specified measurements as that would ruin its charm and grandeur. So, it is better to find a local agent or planner who will guide you about the right house elevations and give you a lot of options.

In fact, many travelers have taken this as a very important part in beautifying their house. A house at the appropriate height will give it a perfect look and bring about peace at the same time. There are some very popular and beautiful places in the Kumarakom, which you must visit. The backwater is absolutely magical and you will enjoy every moment of your stay at the place. So, take the most important and attractive steps to avail a home in Kerala, with house elevations.

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