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Get ready to see the best house plan for 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, small home, north facing, South facing, East facing, west facing, Duplex A house plan for your dream home can help you create the perfect layout for your new house and is a starting point when you are planning to build your dream house.  These are typically drawn around an idea of the house or property in general, including its size, location, orientation, utilities, and even what kind of architecture will be used. Some house plans for example can include details of every room and every feature in the house.

house plan for 1 bedroom

1 bedroom house plan are small and easy to afford it has all the space you need but with the added value you desire, these plan help you understand why small 1 bedroom house plans are the way to go. these house plan comes with several unique features that make it stand out among other small house plans. These plan will also introduce you to some of the benefits you’ll get by choosing this house plan.

15×30 ft house plan 1 bhk
house plan for 1 bedroom

house plan for 2 bedroom

The benefits of two-room house plan are its versatility to meet any budget. With so many styles and sizes available in the market it can surely fit into any preference and space. This house plan is so versatile that it can be adjusted to almost any size, shape, or form, as it can be made to be an extension of the main house or it can stand alone as a separate building. The benefits of two-room house plan are it offers you the living space you want without affecting your lifestyle.

27×60 ft house plan 2 bhk
house plan for 2 bedroom

house plan for 3 bedroom

For those looking to live in a spacious house without having to deal with the noise and activity of an additional bedroom, open concept 3 bedroom house plan are ideal. 3 bedroom house designs that feature both a detached master suite and a separate living room offer complete privacy and spacious living areas. Most 3 bedroom house designs also feature extra bonus space downstairs, so if necessary you have additional space for a second bedroom.

29×44 ft house plan bhk
house plan for 3 bedroom

house plan for 4 bedroom

4 bedroom house plan designs provide homeowners with one thing above everything else: versatility. For instance, if you already have a large family with a couple of kids, 3 beds can often be perfectly utilized as bedrooms, and even a 4th could be used something like a study, home education room, or exercise room. What’s more, many houses today come with additional living areas such as a media room or an entertainment area.

40×50 house plan 4 bhk
house plan for 4 bedroom

house plan for small home

What exactly is a small house plan? A small house normally measures just below 300 square feet or so. These houses are often smaller than an apartment; have smaller lofts to accommodate additional living space; and specialize in dual-use structures and features, such as a futon sofa that doubles as the bed; and other dual-use features. Many small houses are also termed “micro-lofts,” owing to the fact that they are generally smaller than traditional lofts. Some small houses are under the same footprint as a traditional micro-family unit.

13×43 ft house plan 1 bhk
house plan for small home

house plan for north facing

While planning a north facing house plan, it is extremely easy to suit all the special needs of your family. Planning a north facing house plan must begin with house planning survey which will help you determine the size and position of the rooms as per vastu which you desire  Planning a house plan begins with home floor plan analysis where you should decide the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the number of people and pets required and also other additional features you might need. Planning a house plan must always be based on the size of your family. It is not wise to start planning a home design with a one-story home thinking it will take more time. Plan your home and yard according to your needs

north facing house vastu plan
house plan for north facing

house plan for South facing

Many people have a wrong conception that for a  South facing Building. But this is not true as if you build a beautiful house facing the south as per vastu it will give you several benefits. So it is really important to check your house plan in such a way that you need not face any inconvenience while planning to build a beautiful house. As South Facing House is really different from the North facing House, so it is not easy to build it. For this reason check our plan to understand the idea of a south-facing house in detail and how to build a beautiful South facing house.

south facing house vastu plan
house plan for south facing

house plan for East facing

A as per East Facing House Plan proves to be very advantageous in several ways. West facing home tends to find success on the whole in business and career. Living room in the north-east and master bedroom on the south west has a bath tub in the rear. The kitchen is at the front of the South-eastern house.

2 bhk house map plan
house plan for east facing

house plan for Duplex

You might be interested in learning more about what is duplex house plan, especially if you are planning on building a duplex

there are a few basics of duplex house plans that you should know. Unlike a traditional house plan, which often consists of two or more dwellings with different levels, a duplex is a dwelling that contains two units.

duplex house plan
house plan for duplex

house plan for

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