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Exploring House of Satori – A Mystical Lifestyle Brand

House of Satori

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House of Satori is a bohemian lifestyle brand that offers curated products to awaken the spiritual core in people and inspire them to live mindful life.

About House of Satori

Founded in 2013 and based in Goa, House of Satori was created to share products that spread joy and help individuals embrace their natural state of bliss.

The product range draws inspiration from zen philosophy, boho aesthetics, and new age ideals. The collections invite you to pursue self-discovery through conscious living.

House of Satori Collections

House of Satori categorizes its products into differentCollections:

Spirit – Jewelry & Accessories

This includes gemstone malas, astrology pendants, anklets, nose pins, hair accessories and more. Materials like clay, bone, wood, shell, brass feature predominantly.

Sanctuary – Home Decor

Dreamcatchers, macrame wall hangings, tapestries, lanterns, incense holders, candles and more feature in this collection.

Wanderer – Apparel & Bags

The apparel line has kaftans, kimonos, harem pants, maxi dresses made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk. Handcrafted leather bags are also part of this collection.

Scribe – Stationery

Journals, notebooks, planners, pens, bookmarks featuring spiritual motifs and positive affirmations are found here.

The brand also has a Rhythm collection of musical instruments like singing bowls, gongs etc.


House of Satori aims to create a community of awakened individuals leading mindful lives through its thoughtfully designed products. By integrating spiritual elements into everyday living, the brand allows self-expression with meaning.

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