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home elevation design

Home elevation design is not new or uncommon. In actuality, it’s very common for home builders to use this layout option during the building process. Additionally, it enables them to create the illusion to several different popular floor plans within their overall set of layouts. The following article will explore the modern home elevation concepts used by today’s homebuilders to achieve the ultimate home in every sense.

One of the more popular home elevation design concepts is the split elevation. With the split elevation, the entire home’s exterior walls are split down the middle; while the interior walls of the house are left untouched. Typically, this type of design utilizes different architectural styles, such as the Guggenheim and the inverted U shape.

Another contemporary home elevation design services concept is the hipped roof. In the case of the hipped roof, the roof panels are arranged in a “hip” fashion, much like a child’s bicycle.

Instead of being completely straight or perpendicular to the wall, the panels are “hipped”, which allows them to bend slightly at their joints – effectively creating slight curvature at the joint. As a result, the roof panels of the hipped roof are much more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional straight roof.


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home elevation design

home elevation design
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latest home elevation design  with parking brown and cream color tiles   in budget construction


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home elevation​ design

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