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G+3 Elevation – Add Value To Your New Home

The G+3 elevation model is the latest in new construction and remodel for homes that use the newest building technologies. G+3 elevations allows the home builder to add the ultimate in luxury with the use of advanced technology and skill. A triple story outdoor patio is a popular amenity for many new home buyers, but one that often go built simply because of lack of knowledge.

With the G+3 elevation system the home buyer can have a three-story addition that is completed in a timely manner. This will definitely attract more buyers to the home and increase the overall value.

triple story additions are a great investment for those looking to have their home resale ready in the future. A home with the added space will appeal to buyers who want to live in a larger area and be close to the activity of city life. If the addition is located near the city’s business districts the value will jump even higher.

The G+3 system can create a triple story at a fraction of the time it would take with traditional finishing methods. This is a huge advantage for those wishing to add a triple story before the market turns stale or before they decide to sell the home.

Adding a triple story outdoor patio is a perfect way to add space and make the home more attractive. If the home owner has done their floor plan properly then adding the patio will make the home even more valuable.

Creating an outdoor living space outdoors is a trend that seems to be increasing. Those wishing to do this in a timely manner and to keep the price down may wish to consider the G+3 elevation plan. This will certainly ensure the completion of the home in a timely manner and still add value to the home.

g+3 elevation

g+3 elevation 40*60 Ft 2400 Sq ft

g+3 elevation design with car parking and cream color tiles in budget construction


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