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g+2 elevation

G+2 Elevation is a simple and quick way to find a great g+2 elevation. If you go to Google right now the first result you will see is the Google+ Local Map. When you click on it you will see all of your local listings.

Above the map you will see three columns. The top left is for listing your current location, the bottom left is for adding a location, and in the bottom right is a button that says “Share with friends.”What this means is simple. Instead of searching for your location in your town, like you would with Google Places, you are able to add your location to Google+ Local.

From there, you can search within cities and states, or even zip codes. This makes it easy to share your new location with friends, family, and coworkers. Once your location is added, anyone you share it with can see your profile information as well. This also allows you to promote any G+ posts that you make within this platform.

As you can see, G+2 Elevation takes the concept of Google Places and Google Buzz and combines them into one simple application. You have the ability to add your location to almost every page in your profile, with only a few simple clicks of your mouse. When you share an interesting post with your Google+ friends, the post will show up on their news feed.

This is a very simple process. As long as you follow the simple steps, you should be able to get G+ posts and comments rolling in just minutes. There’s no need to spend days hunting down a great blog post or waiting for a reply from a friend on Twitter about a certain post, when you can use G+ Local to bring all of these resources to you.

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g+2 front elevation

g+2 elevation
16*30 Ft
680 Sqft

g+2 elevation double storey white and  yellow color with glass section 


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g+2 elevation

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