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front elevation of indian house

When you go to plan the floor plan for your new Indian house or renovate an existing one, there are several things you need to keep in mind, and front elevation of the building is one of them. This is one aspect of the interior design strategy that many home owners tend to ignore till the last moment, but it really is essential.

The front elevation of your house plan affects a large number of things, from how to open your gate is to how well your garage gets fitted. Your front elevation also determines how much space you will have on the floors and how much you will have to leave open for the exteriors. There are certain techniques you can use to increase front elevation and get a better interior floor plan.

Before we discuss the front elevation design in more detail, let us explain what exactly your front elevation design has to do with an Indian house plan. When you start looking at your house plan, you see that the actual south-east corner of the land is the lowest part that are level, and thus the entire top of the house has to be higher than this, so that it is at a level of thirty feet above the ground.

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front elevation of indian house

front elevation designs of houses 25*36 ft 900 sqft

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front elevation of indian house

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