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front elevation of house

The front elevation of a house is the level of the top of the front door, that is, the point where the tip of your nose and the tip of your toes stop pointing toward the front door. If you look down on your new home from above, you’ll see that it looks relatively low and wide from the street.Your front door doesn’t look very high, because you have to climb up onto the curb to open it; and your porch or veranda looks much lower from the ground because of the roof which adds a great deal to the perceived height. Hence, you have to set aside a small sum of money for the purpose of improving the front elevation of your home.

In many homes nowadays, the front elevation of the house is done by installing a simple gable roof. A simple gable roof is nothing more than a simple wall with a few steeply pitched slanted boards to support it. The slanting boards are fixed directly to the wall and then are topped with small wooden lintels to act as a transition from the wall to the roof,

These lintels are so thin that they don’t even require any sort of underlayment. You can even cut them yourself and install them yourself; the trick is to make sure that they line up perfectly with the ends of the rafters at all times!

You can do the same thing to improve the height of other parts of the house, such as the veranda roof. All you need to do is buy a piece of timber and fix it into position on either side of the entrance.

Simple things like this can make a world of difference. So there you have it, another simple thing that you can do to increase the overall height of your home!


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front elevation of house

front elevation of house
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