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elevation meaning in hindi

Definition of Elevation in Hindi is something that makes a level surface higher or at other words higher than what it is naturally. In Hindi it is written as Unnati, also known as Unakta. Elevation is a noun as in Greek.

In Hindi it is a meaning that has special reference point in scientific terminology. In scientific parlance, the elevation means a reference point. There are many examples of reference point in scientific jargon where the word elevation is used in the context of scientific words like density, hydrology, gravity, geology etc. The word elevation is another synonym for height and the meaning can be compared to sea level in comparison with the ocean or the sky.

As an angle, the word elevation in Hindi meaning cannot be compared to the English expression “up”. For getting the terrestrial planet’s altitude above the earth’s mean average position, you need to add the mean solar latitude or the mean horizontal latitude onto the terrestrial latitude and then multiply both the distances to get the mean terrestrial distance. It’s just an easy math formula. The celestial object’s angular distance from the reference point and the mean terrestrial distance have the same value when the two distances are added.

in house design context elevation means front view or exterior view of the house which need to be design 

elevation design is a very important aspect of house designing see some of best elevation down below

elevation meaning

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