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East Facing House Elevation – Latest Techniques

Most of the people prefer to build their houses on the east facing sides as it is known to receive the maximum amount of southern rays of the sun and this is the reason that the western side of the house gets almost completely blocked by snow. If you live in a place where there is not much snow then it becomes all the more important to build your house at an east facing house elevation.

The eastern slope of your land can be utilized for installing a good looking house with proper structure and good materials. The recent construction methods have brought forward a number of new techniques which are used in the eastern elevation house building process.

All these techniques help you to make the house more durable and provide the maximum protection to your home from natural elements. The latest addition to these techniques is known as tilting and Bricks.

The tilting technique has emerged because it was found that most of the houses had been built on slopes which were almost horizontal. Now, as per the latest studies most of the builders prefer to build the houses on slopes that have a slight degree of slope.

It has also been found that it is impossible to have a perfect east facing house elevation in case of flat terrain. This slight change in the slope helps in maintaining a perfect pitch of the house and also provide a perfect roof to the house.

If you want your house to look very beautiful then it is advisable to build it on a sloping ground and the best part about these elevations is that it provides a very cost effective way to have a perfect house. The cost-effective aspect of these elevations are that they don’t involve extra material and labor cost.

They simply require a bit of alteration to the architecture and location of your house. These are the most recent additions to the world of house elevations. It has been found that these elevations are the best and the latest techniques that are being used for installing the house on the sloped ground.

east facing house elevation

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