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East facing house elevation double floor

  1. This East facing house with a double floor elevation is an excellent example of a contemporary and stylish home.
  2. The G+1 construction features a modern design with a simple stair section leading up to the first floor.
  3. The 25×40 ft house boasts a stunning 3D design with a beautiful white and brown color theme, complemented by crème tiles on the exterior.
  4. The light brown color theme gives the house a warm and inviting feel.
  5. The images of the house highlight its unique and modern features, including a modern pergola design that adds a touch of sophistication to the exterior.
  6. This house is perfect for those looking for a stylish and modern home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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east facing house elevation double floor

east facing house elevation double floor

23×38 ft 874 sqft east facing house elevation double floor brown and white color with cream tiles and glass section.


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best East facing house elevation double floor 2023

Eastern and western facing house elevations are quite popular in homes, as you will see with some of the newer houses being built on a more modern style. With so many different options for single story and two story homes in the Los Angeles area, many homeowners find that they need to have more square footage available for them to build on.

Eastern and western elevations allow more space for a larger home and they are usually less expensive and easier to construct. To learn more about these types of elevations and to see examples of them in action, keep reading!


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