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East facing house elevation double floor

Best East facing house elevation double floor

Eastern and western facing house elevations are quite popular in homes, as you will see with some of the newer houses being built on a more modern style. With so many different options for single story and two story homes in the Los Angeles area, many homeowners find that they need to have more square footage available for them to build on.

Eastern and western elevations allow more space for a larger home and they are usually less expensive and easier to construct. To learn more about these types of elevations and to see examples of them in action, keep reading!

east facing house elevation double floor

east facing house elevation double floor 23*38 ft 874 sqft

east facing house elevation double floor brown and white color with cream tiles and glass section in budget construction


Duplex Properties – Benefits of Investing

Many properties in the current real estate market have a duplex design, where one or more levels of the house are set on top of an east-facing wall. For most duplexes that have an east facing wall, there are no living levels other than the second and third floors. These homes typically have a large upper living room area and a smaller formal living area located on the opposite end of the duplex.

The formal living area has a larger dining room area with a second fireplace that is usually featured in high-end duplexes. For many families who can afford to buy such a home, the two-story duplex design makes sense for their needs.

A few drawbacks to a duplex design are distance from neighbors and building upkeep. A duplex requires that the builder build a lot of extra space, which may not be feasible in areas where space is at a premium.

It also requires more intense landscaping and foundation work. If there is to be any foundation work, the builder will have to create an extra floor to handle the weight.

The benefits of duplex design far outweigh its disadvantages. duplexes are typically easier to sell than traditional homes since they can be marketed as being more functional and flexible in style.

Since people can easily change the layout of a duplex home to fit their needs, the resale value is also higher than other types of home. A typical duplex could bring up to twice the real estate value of an average single-family house.

For those who are looking forward to getting themselves involved in the real estate business, the advantages of having a duplex would not be hard to see. Aside from the already mentioned advantages mentioned above, duplex homes can also help you cut down on costs when it comes to managing properties.

Since they can be bought easily and sold easily too, there is no need for you to pay higher prices compared to houses with two and even three duplexes. These things are just some of the benefits you stand to enjoy by investing your money in duplex properties.

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