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31×65 ft house plan 2 bhk

Best 31×65 ft house plan 2 bhk

The famous real estate developer, speculative architect and builder of high-end residential and commercial projects for over 30 years, John Fox has developed the award-winning 31*65 Ft. single, large design.

. House plan for his client, The Lake District Council, in the UK. The lake district is a huge region in northern England, comprising of more than two hundred islands.

The floor plan was developed to the highest degree possible by combining the main residential area, the vast gardens and dramatic landscapes, the lake’s numerous water features, and the town center into a single, large design.


31×65 ft house plan 2 bhk

31×65 ft house plan 2 bhk 2015 sqft

2015 sq ft house plan 2 bhk with parking and garden 31×65 ft single floor house design  in budget construction

house design details

31*65 ft

Plot Size


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2 Bhk House Plan – Choose Your Dream Home

A popular India property management company, My House Map, has launched a new web-based tool that allows home and property owners to map their house plans on the web itself. This innovative concept of online house planning application enables you to customize your own floor plan through multiple choices in color and style.

In addition, My House Map offers several other services like building cost estimations and pre-construction consultations. The map can be customized further by changing the style that it displays, for instance, if you want your house plan to have a traditional or contemporary design.

The website also allows you to access the tools to manage the properties online and see their progress, which can help you take decisions more effectively.

Ground Floor Plan of a Multi-Structure Building

Ground floor plans are critical to the architects and engineers. They are crucial for designing buildings, especially multi-structure buildings like apartment complexes, shopping malls, office complexes, hotels, motels, and office buildings.

In such projects, the designer must carefully plan each space of the complex in which he is working.

Front Gardens and Front Yards

On a residential property of average size, the front garden or front yard is usually the section of land directly behind the home. It can also be called a front garden, if it’s well maintained with grass. The open space behind the home, often more personal, is typically the backyard or back garden.

In most countries, it’s considered part of the front garden or front yard but some places define it differently (for example, in Japan it’s considered part of the garden but in the UK it’s usually separated from the main part by a wall). In the next article, I’ll describe different types of gardens and front yards.

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