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3 floor elevation

So you have decided to sell your home and would like the best design price possible. You realize that having a new house on the market selling for less than you paid for it will not be a good idea, so what do you do? There are ways to increase the market value of your home without actually paying for a lot of money in repairs or landscaping.

By investing in a house plan that enables you to make upgrades or improvements at a reduced cost before you list your home, you can greatly increase the value of your home without having to make a huge impact on your pocketbook. This plan is called Floor Mitigation and it is an easy and affordable way to give your home with great looking curb appeal without having to make drastic changes.

With a little bit of foresight and planning, you can enjoy a nice return on your investment as you work towards having a better looking home that will sell quickly and for more money.

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3 floor elevation

3 floor elevation 30*75 ft 2250 sqft

3 floor elevation with triple story white and pink  color and boundary wall and glass section  in budget construction  


plot size


no. of floor





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3 floor elevation

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